Hiranyakeshi Temple, Amboli, Sawantwadi, Sindhudurg

Hiranyakeshi Temple, which is the abode of Shiva Parvati, is situated at a distance of 7 kms from the Amboli Waterfall of Sawantwadi in Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, India. There are two small villages on the way. At the end of the high and winding road, there is parking lot. The temple is just 350 metres away from here. After climbing 10-12 steps, Hiranyakeshi Temple is seen.

The temple has an idol of Hiranyakeshi Devi, Shiva Pindi and a Ganesha idol. Hiranyakeshi means Parvati Devi with golden hair. This temple is also famous as the origin of the Hiranyakeshi river, which is the lifeline of Amboli. Hiranyakeshi Temple is in a cave. The specialty of this cave is that the cave feels warm when the outside environment is cold and the cave feels cold when it is hot outside. The cave is 250-300 meters long. Gomukh is seen after coming forward on both sides of the pindi. The pond in front of the temple is always filled with water. There is a place of ashes immersion near this temple. Rituals like Dashkriya Vidhi, Tripindi Shraddh, Narayan Nagbali are performed at this holy place.

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