Dev Vetoba Temple, Aravali, Vengurla, Sindhudurg

Dev Vetoba Temple is situated at Aravali village of Vengurla taluka in Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, India. Dev Vetoba, considered to be the god of ghosts, is village deity of Aravali. Evidence has been found that this temple was built in Shake 1582 i.e. in the year 1660 AD. Temple has a grand sabhamandap. Beautiful pictures of the gods are drawn in the sabhamandap.

Grand Idol of Dev Vetoba, the famous god in Konkan, is made of panchdhatu. In the right hand, there is a double-edged sword and in the left hand there is a pot. There is a snake at the feet of the idol. After taking darshan of Shivswarup Dev Vetoba, all fear disappears. Dev Vetoba is called as protector. Bunch of Bananas is offered to Dev Vetoba as Naivadya. A pair of large Kolhapuri Leather Chappal is offered to Dev Vetoba to fulfill wish. A heap of such Kolhapuri Chappals is found in sabhamandap. They are offered to God for walking around the Aravali village.

In the 17th century, this village was called Haravalli. Har means Shankar and Valli means abode. At that time there were many Shiva Temples in this area. That is why it was called Haravalli. Eventually it got its name as Aravali.

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