Ganesh Temple, Ganeshgule, Ratnagiri

Ganesh Temple is situated at Ganeshgule village of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India. Maghi Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with a great joy in the temple. This awakened place of Ganesha is at a distance of 3 kms from Swami Swarupanand Samadhi Mandir of Pawas and at a distance of 20 kms from Ratnagiri. Ganeshgule Ganesh is also known as Ganpati of Galbatwalas. The temple is rectangular and has two domed culminations. One of them is on the temple while the other is at the back of the idol. But the place is closed i.e. there is a cavity of about 8 to 10 behind the idol. It is not yet revealed what exactly is there. There is no Ganesha idol in the sanctum but a large sized rock. This rock is in the shape of Ganesha. Devotees worship this idol as Lord Ganesha with reverence and devotion. The devotees believe that this Ganpati is swayambhu and he fulfills their wishes.

On Maghi Ganesh Chaturthi, the villagers come to the temple with dindi in the sound of Taal and Mridangam. The temple is about 400 years old and the construction of the temple is made of Jambha stone. This Place of Ganesha is situated in Ganeshgule village on the top of a hill in a picturesque area surrounded by the vast sea in the west, the hills next to it, and green trees and bushes. There is a panchdhatu idol of Mushak (Vehicle of Ganesha) on a small platform in the temple premises. Next to the temple is a Pandava-era well. The well is divided into two parts, one part is long, narrow and rectangular, the other part is square. The steps have been carved from the rectangular area to reach the bottom of the well. Descending the stairs through the tapering interior, a door appears as we reach the bottom of the well which goes to another part of the well.

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