Ufrata Ganpati Temple, Guhagar, Ratnagiri

Ufrata Ganpati Temple is situated in Guhagar taluka of Ratnagiri district in Maharashtra, India. This Marble Ganesh idol was found in the sea of Guhagar to Fishermen while fishing. Then they handed over the idol to the Brahmins. The Brahmins installed this idol at the Varcha Pat in Guhagar. About 400 years ago, the sea once flooded. Water started to enter in the village and the whole village was about to drowned. One of the devotees of Ganpati invoked God and prayed to him to save Guhagar from this calamity. At that time, this east-facing Ganpati turned west and calmed the sea. Since then this Ganesha is called as Ufrata Ganpati.

Temple is located at a distance of about 100 metres from Guhagar beach. Neat, clean, small and simple in construction, Ufrata Ganesh Temple is full of positive atmosphere. The temple is of old Kaularu style and the roof is wooden.Devotees have a strong belief that this Lord Ganesha fulfills their wishes. This idol is white and is a Quadrilateral. Parashu and Trishul are in hand and the idol is of left trunk. There is a nagasutra around the belly. Very beautiful tourist places like Guhagar Beach, 800 years old Vyadeshwar Temple, Durga Devi Temple are near Ufrata Ganpati Temple.

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