Karhateshwar Temple, Nandivade, Jaigad, Ratnagiri

Karhateshwar Temple is situated at Nandivade village near Jaigad Fort of Ratnagiri district in Maharashtra, India. This temple is just 12 minutes away from Jaigad Fort and at a distance of 48 kms from Ratnagiri. Locals say that the temple dates back to around 800 to 1000 years ago. Earlier only a small roof was built on the Shivpindi and it was covered with grass. Later during the British period, this temple was renovated and built in jambha stone. Karhateshwar Temple, located on a large rock on the side of the hill towards the sea, can be reached by going down the stairs.

On the way to the temple, first is Audumbar and then on the left is the temple of Lord Ganesha. The deepmal in front of the temple is found to have been renovated in 1970. Apart from this deepmal, there are three more old deepmals in front of the temple. Kahateshwar temple is built with three parts namely sabhamandap, inner hall and sanctum. The self-existed Shivpindi is installed in the sanctum. The wooden doors and other constructions in the temple are reminiscent of the older generation. Festivals like Mahashivratri, Shravani Monday are celebrated here with great enthusiasm. On the right side of the temple, there is a 100 feet jambha stone staircase leading down to the beach. There is a perennially flowing freshwater gomukh in this place. Four wheelers parking is availabale here. Do visit this ancient temple at least once to sit quietly and watch the waves playing with the rocks at high tide.

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