Tevana Devi Temple, Tarandale, Kankavli, Sindhudurg

Tevana Devi Temple is situated at Tarandale village of Kankavli taluka in Sindhudurg. The temple has a black stone idol of Tevana Devi. There is a small dam near this temple. The beautiful temple of Tevana Devi enhancing the beauty of historic Tarandale village and the enchanting surroundings are a sight to behold.

Tarandale village has historc importance. 52 Men from Tarandale village went to First World War. Of the 52 Soldiers, Harishchandra Sukdoji Kadam and Rukmaji Gaokar were martyred. The soldiers were selected by the then Police Patil Narayan Sawant. He has been chartered by the British Government. The weapons he received has been preserved by their descendants. British Government erected a Victory Pillar (Vijay Sthamb) in the village.

The youth of the village have not forgotten this legacy. Every year martyrs are commemorated by decorating the pillar. Children get inspiration from this. On August 15th and January 26th, after the primary school flag hoisting ceremony, everyone approaches this pillar to pay tribute to the martyrs and soldiers who went to First World War and lay wreaths at the memorial. However, the government has neglected this historical treasure.

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