Swami Samarth Math, Devrukh Ozare Road, Sangameshwar, Ratnagiri

Swami Samarth Math is situated at Devrukh Ozare Road in Sangameshwar taluka in Ratnagiri. Swami Samarth is the fourth incarnation of Dattatreya. Math inagaurated on 15th March 2000 by hands of Swami Nityanand Giri of Tapovan, Tamilnadu. Beautiful flowers are planted on both sides of the road leading from the entrance to the Math. Shri Swami Samarth’s name is engraved on the lawn in the garden. There is a deepmal in front of the math which is lit every evening with lamps. The place is peaceful and serene.

The idol of Swami Samrth in the Math looks very lively. In a very short time the fame of Swami Samrth Math has spread far and wide. Bhakt Nivas has been built to accommodate seekers and devotees. A Reiki Arogya Mandir (A Healing Temple) offers reiki treatments free of charge to all patients who visit to get healed through Reiki. Goshala has also been established in Math. Agnihotra is regularly performed every morning and evening. Festivals like Mahashivratri and Datta Jayanti are celebrated with great enthusiasm in Swami Samarth Math.

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