Pokharbav Siddhivinayak Ganpati Temple, Dabhole, Devgad, Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, India

Pokharbav Siddhivinayak Ganpati Temple is situated at Dabhole village of Devgad taluka in the district of Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, India.

Pokharbav Ganapati Temple situated 2 kilometres from Dabhole village and 11 kilometres from Devgad on the Devgad-Dabhole-Dahibav route is from the Pandava’s period. The black stone Ganesha statue on the marble is quite attractive. This quadriplegic Ganesha is seated, with his vehicle, a rat, beside him. Pokharbav Ganpati fulfills devotees’ vows.

On the right side of the temple there are stairways leading down.There is a self-existing Shiv Pindi. Locals say that this Shiv Pindi is thousands of years old. This is a panchmukhi Shivlinga. It is said that this Shivalinga was under water for thousands of years. Shri Shridhar Raut, the priest of this temple, had a dream. In this dream he saw that there is a Pandava-era well under this Ganpati temple. A man comes out of this well and has this Shivpindi in his hand. The man gives this Shivpindi in the hands of Shri Raut. After that, Shri Raut tried to find this pindi with the help of villagers.

Even after two years, they could not find Shiv Pindi. A lot of digging were done here during these two years. There was a mountain here. It was excavated and finally found a well below. And that is why this temple was named as Pokharbav. After finding this well, a lot of stones were found here. One of the stones was a panchamukhi and there was a circle in it. And within that circular area was this Pindi.

Astrologer Gagangiri Maharaj said that Shivlinga was under water for thousands of years. And it should be established near the water. It was at his behest that this temple and the Shivlinga were established here. The crowd of devotees throngs every Sankashti and Angaraki Chaturthi. On Maghi Ganesh Jayanti, a fair is held here.

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