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Bhairi Bhavani Temple, Shringarpur, Sangameshwar, Ratnagiri

Bhairi Bhavani Temple, Shringarpur, Sangameshwar, Ratnagiri

Bhairi Bhavani Temple is situated at Shringarpur village of Sangameshwar taluka in Ratnagiri.

Ancient temple of Shri Bhairi Bhavani is situated on the Prachitgad Fort. There are idols of Shri Bhairi (Bhairava), Shri Bhavani, Shri Mahalaxmi and Shri Mahishasurmardini (Pashchimdevata) in this temple. But as there is no paved road to go to the fort, not everyone can go there. So this Shri Bhairi Bhavani temple was built in Shringarpur village at the base of the fort. The idols of four deities at Prachitgad have been enshrined newly in a ritualistic manner in this temple.

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The temple premise is very clean and beautiful. As you enter the temple, in the left side sanctum is a black stone idol of Shri Dev Bhairi, and in the right side sanctum, is beautiful idol of Shri Mahalaxmi. A very elaborate idol of Shri Bhavani Mata is installed in the main core of the temple. A beautiful of idol of Shri Ganesha is in the front of this sanctum. Along with Ashtadikpala, temple has 13 domes and Ganpati is enshrined on Brahmadhya of the temple. Shri Pashchimdevata is at the back of the Bhavani Mata Temple.

Shringarpur is the village of Maharani Yesubai of Maratha Empire.

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