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Mallikarjun Temple, Shirambe, Sangameshwar, Ratnagiri

Mallikarjun Temple, Shirambe, Sangameshwar, Ratnagiri

Mallikarjun Temple is situated at Shirambe village of Sangameshwar taluka in Ratnagiri. This Temple is famous in a different sense. This temple is surrounded by water. Mallikarjun Temple has been built in the middle of a lake of 50 square foot. A small bridge has been built to enter the temple. There is clean flowing water on the four sides of the Mallikarjun Temple. This is the only temple in Ratnagiri district which is in water.

Water is released into this lake from south side spring which originates beside the Swayambhu Shivalinga. Villagers and devotees believe that after bathing in water of lake, all skin diseases get cured.

Shirambe is the last village of Sangameshwar taluka located at Nort-West direction. Many think that Shirambe village comes under Chiplun taluka. But It is not true. Though this village is surrounded by Devpat, Veer, Pilavali, Vareli and Vahal village of Chiplun taluka, Shirambe is beautiful village of Sangameshwar taluka.

Mallikarjun Temple Shirambe Ratnagiri