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Kalkai Devi Temple, Bharane, Khed, Ratnagiri

Kalkai Devi Temple, Bharne, Khed, Ratnagiri

Kalkai Mandir of Bharne Khed is located beside the Mumbai Goa Highway. Kalkai Devi Mandir is at a walking distance from Bharne Naka.

Many years ago, There was a dense forest. Cowherds from nearby villages used to bring their cattle to this area for grazing. A cow in herd of cattle was realising milk on a stone at a particular place in this forest every day and then giving milk to calf. Cowherds were unknown about this. One day one of them saw cow realising milk on a stone and they told all the villagers about this. Villagers understood that there was a divine residence in this place and they built a temple there.

Devotees from all over Maharashtra visit this temple to fulfill their wishes. Navratrotsav of Shree Kalkai Devi is celebrated in an auspicious atmosphere.

Kalkai Devi Bharane Khed Ratnagiri