Vitthal Temple, Sawantwadi, Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, India

Vitthal Temple is situated at Sawantwadi city in Sindhudurg, Maharashtra India. This 297 years old awaken temple is beside Moti Lake. In the year 1725 AD, Patgaonkar, a Vitthal devotee, erected Vitthal Rakhumai Temple. After that, Third Khem Sawant of Sawantwadi Sansthan built magnificient temple. The main attraction of this temple is the carvings throughout the temple, the beautiful idols of different deities and the grand temple culmination. The culmination of the temple is 130 feet high. There are idols of 108 deities on the culmination. The culmination of the temple and other works of the temple were done on the initiative of Bhau Masurkar.

At the entrance of the temple, Lakshmi Narayan is seen mounted on a huge garuda 50 feet wide and 40 feet long. Also Brahma is installed in front of the temple. While climbing the steps of the temple, beautiful idols of saints can be seen on both sides. Beautiful carvings can be seen at the entrance of the temple. Temple has grand sabhamandap. Beautiful idol of Vitthal Rakhuma in sanctum make us more happy-well. While circumambulating, idols of deities on both sides attract. On the left is the idol of Lord Kalki and on the right is the darshan of Lakshmi Narayan, Ram Sita and Shri Krishna. Hundreds of devotees take darshan every day at this devotional, serene, idyllic and soul-pleasing Vitthal temple.

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