Laxmi Narayan Temple, Walawal, Kudal, Sindhudurg

Laxmi Narayan Temple is situated at Walawal village of Kudal taluka in Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, India. Laxmi Narayan is considered to be the deity of happiness, prosperity and glory. This beautiful temple is built on the banks of a beautiful and spacious lake. The construction of the temple is of purple stone and the door of sanctum and the inner pillars are of black stone. The height of the pillars in the temple is about six and a half feet. A large brass turtle is installed in the mukhshala in front of the deity. The year 1889 is mentioned on it.

Sabhamandap built in a new old mixture is in front of the Mukhshala. Five Deepmals of black stone are in front of the sabhamandap. Carvings on the the door of sanctum and inside sanctum are stunning. There are two dwarpals on both sides of the sanctum door. On the top side is the statue of Sheshshai Vishnu. The idol of Shri Narayan is of black marble stone. This idol is a quadrilateral. Also, the idols of mythological deities carved on the roof of the temple attract our attention. These idols are ancient. It has various idols like Ganesh, Mahishasur Mardini, Shankar, Agnidev.

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