Bhairi Bhavani Devi Temple, Chiplun, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India

Bhairi Bhavani Devi Temple is situated at Chiplun City in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India. Temple is just 650 meters from Chiplun Railway Station. Scenic surroundings around Bhairi Bhavani Mata Temple adds beauty of this place.

Temple, which comes under Juna Kalbhairav Trust, stands on the banks of Vashishti river. The Devasthan Trust has developed a very beautiful garden within the temple premises. Bhairi Bhavani Devi is one of clan deities of Konkan people. Shri Devi Bhavani Mata is form of Parvati. This place of Bhairi Bhavani Devi is highly awakened. Swayambhu Gandhareshwar Temple is next to the temple. Navratri festival is celebrated every year in Bhairi Bhavani Devi temple. Shakambhari Pournima is also celebrated in Paush month every year.

Idol of Bhairi Bhavani is made of black stone and has been installed since time immemorial. The idol is 3.5 feet tall and the eight-armed goddess Mahishasuramardini is standing on the throne. Each hand holds a weapon like bichuwa, trishula, arrow, chakra, conch, bow, panpatra and demon’s hairs. There is an arrow quiver on the back and the right foot of the goddess rests on the demon Mahishasura.

Shri Dev Kedar, Shri Devi Jakhmata, Shri Dev Kalbhairav, Shri Devi Jogeshwari, Shri Devi Bhavani, Shri Katradevi are the village deities of Chiplun city residents.

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