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Bharadi Devi Temple, Anganewadi, Masure, Malvan, Sindhudurg

Bharadi Devi Temple, Anganewadi, Masure, Malvan, Sindhudurg

Bharadi Devi of Anganewadi is most popular temple in Konkan region of Maharashtra. Annual Fair of Bharadi Devi or Anganewadichi Jatra is very famous across the country. Devotees from different parts of India come here to worship Shri Bharadi Devi.

Many deities in Maharashtra fulfill the wishes of devotees. Devotees express their wishes to these deities and deities fulfill their wishes. Such wishes expressed to deities are known as "Nawas" in Marathi Language and deities which fulfill such wishes are known as awakened deities.

Anganewadichi Bharadi Devi is very awakened goddess. The temple of Goddess Bharadi is situated in Masure village of Malvan Taluka in Sindhudurg. Aanganewadi is about 15 kilometers away from Malvan and 33 kilometers from Kankavli. Nearest railway station to visit Anganewadi is Kankavli.

Annual fair of this goddess is usually held in months of February or March every year. It is organized by Angane Family. Date of Anaganewadi Jatra is declared in December every year.

When December month begins, "When is Anganewadi Jatra ?", devotees start asking each other. This is because Anganewadi Jatra is not held on specific date. Anganewadi Jatra date is decided by Angane Family. Devotees visiting Anganewadichi Jatra want to do reservation of bus, railway or to arrange their own vehicle well in advance as they don't want to miss this big fair of Anganewadi which is very popular in Maharashtra.

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