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Narayan Temple, Asoli, Vengurla

On the Vengurla-Shiroda road, 3-4 kms. from Aaravali Tak there is Asoli village where beautifully constructed Shree Narayan temple is situated.

Shree Dev Narayan is village deity of Asoli village of Vengurla Taluka. This place is very holy. Surrounding of temple is full of greenery. The pond here is constantly flowing. The "Mantra" written on the roof are very beautiful.

Asoli village is divided in 14 Wadis(Wadi means part of the village where people living together in a more or less ordered community.). There are Panchayatan temples in the village such as Shri Narayan, Rawalnath, Vetoba, Khajana Devi, and Bhumika. There are also small temples of Dadoba, Giroba, and Bandeswar.

Nearby Places :

Khajana Devi Temple : This beautiful temple is located at Ansur-Pal village in Vengurla taluka of Sindhudurg.

Shri Dev Vetoba Devasthan : Shri Dev Vetoba is the village diety of scenic village Aravali.

Shiroda Mithagar : In the year 1930, in the history of India's independence, the name of Shiroda is prominently mentioned in the historical Salt Agitation in Shiroda.

Mochemad Beach : Mochemad Beach is extremely beautiful with the plantations of cyprus trees. Tourist seeking seclusion and solace frequently visit this place.

Mauli Devi Temple : Mauli Devi temple is village deity of Redi.

Devi Navadurga Temple : Shree Devi Navdurga Devasthan is in Kanyale Vadi of Redi Village.

Ganapati Temple : Shri Ganesha of Reddy is Swayambhu ( Self-existed). This temple is very popular in Sindhudurg District.

Yashwantgad : Yashawantgad is located near Redi Beach.

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Shree Dev Narayan Temple of Asoli Village of Vengurla Taluka