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Lonad Caves, Bhiwandi, Thane

Lonad Caves, Bhiwandi, Thane

Beautiful Lonad is a group of ancient caves is situated in the east of Bhiwandi in Thane district. Lonad Caves and Shiva Temple are located in Lonad Village which can be accessed via Bhiwandi and Kalyan. The Lonad cave is on a hill and from Sonale Phata. We can reach this distance at an hourly intervals.

Here is the grand old temple of Lord Rameshwar. This is buddhist caves we can clearly seen from the buddha image here. The pillars of the temple are beautifully carved. These caves sculptures date back to 5th to 8th century AD. Lonad Caves in Bhiwandi exhibits rock cut Buddhist temple sculptures and Hindu sculptures. If you search peaceful, cultural and best nature place then this place is best.

Lonad Caves Bhiwandi Thane

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