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GaneshTemple, Redi, Vengurla, Sindhudurg

GaneshTemple, Redi, Vengurla, Sindhudurg

Ganesh Temple is situated at Redi village of Vengurla taluka in Sindhudurg. Vow fulfilling Redi's Ganesh is a place of worship for devotees. Every Sankashti Chaturthi as well as Angaraki Chaturthi, there is a huge crowd of devotees in Ganpati temple. Idol of Ganesh is lively with snake around belly, modak in one hand and blessings with other hand. On the southern side of the temple is a wide beach.

Revati Bandar is nestled in lush green coconut trees, red soil, roaring sea and sparkling sands. Earlier Revati Nagar means today's Redi village. Sadanand Kambli, a dumper driver of Redi village, discovered a massive cloven Ganesh idol on April 18, 1976 during excavations after a vision in his dream. About a month and a half later, a large rat carved in stone was found near the harbor. After that, in 1977, devotees of the village built a Ganpati temple at the place where the idol was found.

Ganapati Temple Redi Sindhudurg

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