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Ganesh Temple, Ganeshgule, Ratnagiri

Ganesh Temple, Ganeshgule, Ratnagiri

Ganeshgule is the place of Shri Ganeshaat a distance of 3 kilometers from Pawas - the village of Swaroop Swaroopanand. This village is famous for the saying that Gule's Ganapati went to Pule.

Shree Ganesh Mandir is of ancient times.There are two doors to enter this temple. The front door to the right side is completely closed. There is a big stone with a height of about 12 ft high, which is attached to both sides. This stone is considered to be Ganesha and therefore, this Ganapati is called Swayambhu.

Shree Ganesh Mandir Ganeshgule Ratnagiri

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