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Shri Bal Digambar Ganesh Temple, Kadav, Karjat

   This ancient Bal Digambar Ganesh temple is located at Kadav village in Karjat taluka of Raigad district. Many devotees come to Kadav village to visit this beautiful and ancient temple of lord Bal Digambar Ganesh. Kadav village is about 8 kms. from Karjat railway station. There is buses for Kadav village from Karjat. This is "Jagrut" Ganesh temple. Peshwa has helped to build this temple, and this temple has many years of history. Along with lord Ganesha there is a temples of Lord Shiva, Krishna, Vitthal-Rukmini. The surrounding areas of this temple are very peaceful and serene.

   Nearby Places: Kothaligad