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Mahadevgad Point, Amboli, Sindhudurg

   Amboli hill station in Sindhudurg district is well known to tourists. There are many tourist attractions in Amboli, one of them is the "Mahadevgad" point. There is a fast road to the fort which is 3 km from Amboli village. There are no residues on the fort. From main road one has to walk a long distance to reach this place to see Mahadevgad point or valley .The end of the road is barricaded,from here one can have beautiful view of the deep valley. This is awesome place, especially visit in Rainy season.

Bharadi Devi Anganewadi Jatra 2019 will be held on 25th February 2019. Bharadi Devi Anganewadi Jatra 2019 date declared on 18th December 2018.