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Visit Marleshwar Temple Ratnagiri - Nisargramya Konkan

Marleshwar Temple Ratnagiri

Marleshwar Mandir Maral is located in Sangameshwar of Ratnagiri. Marleshwar Temple of Ratnagiri is tourists' attraction. Marleshwar Mandir Maral Ratnagiri is a famous place of Shiva, 16 km away from Devrukh.

Marleshwar temple Maral is in the cave on the hill. There are two shivpindis in this cave, one is Mallikarjun and the other is known as Marleshwar. It is said that Mallikarjun is the elder brother Marleshwar.

When Marleshwar Mandir Maral Ratangiri was created, there was no Parvati. And that's why this is the custom of Marleshwar Devasthan Maral that auspicious wedding ceremony of Shiv-Parvati takes place on Makar Sankranti every year. Marleshwar is married to the Girija Devi of the village Sakhrapa. Wedding ceremony Marleshwar and Girija Devi is done in Lingayat style.

Marleshwar Temple Ratnagiri